Monday, September 03, 2007

Why do people keep dogs?


[A musing by Vikram Karve]

If you ask me “Why do people keep dogs?” I will ask you “Why do people have children?”

And remember, your children will grow up and, one day, may go away from you, maybe for higher studies, or to pursue their careers, or just leave you because they want to stay separately; but your dog will never leave you and will loyally remain with you forever till death. [Of course, if you throw out your dog, or get rid of it, then it’s a different matter; but your dog won’t leave you of its own accord].

If you are thinking of getting a dog into your home, as a family member, remember you are making a commitment to that dog for its lifetime, probably even more than your own children. And once the dog joins your family, invest your love and time to build a special bond that only a dog can offer. You'll both be happy you did.


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