Thursday, March 11, 2010

THE DISEASE TO PLEASE : A Mango Story – Food for Thought

A Mango Story – Food for Thought

A much married couple was celebrating the golden jubilee, their 50th wedding anniversary, of their very happy and successful marriage.

They both loved mangoes and decided to start the glorious day with a delicious Alphonso mango first thing in the morning.

While serving the mango the subservient docile wife thought: "For 50 years I have always sacrificed and been considerate towards my husband and I have always given him the deliciously sweet cheek of the mango, those succulent fleshy slices next to the skin of the mango, and I myself always make do with the sour pulpy part enveloping the seed of the mango. Enough is enough…! Today I am going to enjoy the cheeks of the mango; I will savour the heavenly sweet fleshy slices myself…and, for once, let him have the seed…"

So she cut the mango, took the sweet chunky slices of the mango cheeks herself and gave the pulpy seed of the mango to her husband, and she waited for his reaction with bated breath.

To her utter surprise, and contrary to her fears, her husband was very happy and he kissed her hand and said: "My darling, you have just given me the greatest joy of this wonderful 50th wedding anniversary day. For 50 years I have never eaten the luscious tangy seed of the mango, which is what I like best, and I quietly ate the mango cheeks, because I always wanted you to enjoy and relish the mango seed since you love it so much as I have noticed that you always prefer the the juicy mango seed rather than the cheeks of the mango."


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Tasneem R said...

The story was too good . Sometimes we think just the opposite of what the other person is thinking. That's why in a relationship it is always important to talk things out in open before it gets too late .

Bu the funny part of the story is , couldn't that old man cut a mango by himself and have it when his wife was not around?

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